Your Experience


Before your appointment, you can download and print our Doctor Appointment Worksheet. It is designed to help you organize your thoughts and prioritize the types of questions you want to make sure the doctor answers during your visit. If you take any prescription medications, we also highly recommend you download, print, and fill out this medication record to bring to your appointment. We also have this helpful guide to help you think about other important topics of conversation.

During Your Appointment

Bring your Doctor Appointment Worksheet and your medication record to your appointment and be sure to take notes on your provider's answers to your questions so that you can review your notes later.


If there is anything else we can help you with, we’d love to hear about it before you leave the office. After your appointment, you will also receive a brief survey about your experience. Patient feedback is invaluable to us, so we’d really appreciate if you can take the time to provide it. We’re listening.